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Does your recruitment story deliver the employment promise?

by Catherine | on Nov 13, 2014 | Comments Off on Does your recruitment story deliver the employment promise?

street-signI recall talking to an HR Director who said, we can sell the “why join us” recruitment story really well; we just can’t quite deliver it when they join.

Just as a brand reflects who you are and how people understand, experience and feel about your organization, an employment brand does the same for current and prospective employees.  It’s a powerful way to tell your story about your culture, values, and why people should choose to work at your organization and stick with you.

But the story has to be authentic. You can’t sell the dream and deliver the Dilbert reality! That creates a brand gap which breeds suspicion, mistrust or worse – disillusionment.

All brands are built from the inside out. That is, whatever experience you promise to potential employees needs to be what current employees are experiencing on the inside. A few things you need to consider:

  • Understand why people join and stick with you
  • Be open to how you can improve as an employer
  • Ensure the employment brand is reflected throughout the organization
  • Ensure your existing employees can genuinely support and advocate for your employment brand.

It takes work, communication and alignment to deliver a consistent and engaging internal experience. It also takes honesty about who you are and aren’t.  Not all organizations can be Google but, what you uniquely offer as an employer might be compelling to those you want to retain and attract.

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