Making a website more client friendly for BC Safety Authority

The Challenge: The BC Safety Authority (BCSA) felt its website wasn’t serving its clients or the organization well. While they recognized it needed a major overhaul, they weren’t clear on what was required or where to start.

The Strategy: When it comes to websites we always to start by getting stakeholders aligned on a website vision that supports the overall business goals. That way the site is set up for success, and stakeholders are singing from the same song sheet.

After consultation with multiple internal stakeholders to understand their needs, we also consulted with BCSA’s clients to understand their content and feature requirements. From there, we fleshed out a website strategy that would guide the development of the first phase of a new website.

We collaborated with BCSA content stakeholders to architect the navigation system that would be intuitive for finding the content clients needed, quickly. We then devised a process for BCSA to evaluate the content that would be required, and we rewrote that content in web-reading style.

We also worked with our partners Domain7  to create a client-centric site that would also be easy for BCSA to manage. Our creative design partners, Bau+Wow , had just worked with us to refresh the BCSA brand look and feel and reflected it on the new site.

Results: After understanding how BCSA’s clients wanted the site to communicate we them, we established client notification functionality. Within the first 9 months of the new site, over 2000 clients had signed up to receive notifications from BCSA on relevant content.

As a result of deeply understanding what clients needed from the site, the new navigation structure we designed worked to deliver that to them – and within the first month, the analytics showed a marked traffic pattern with clients going where they most needed to.

Client traffic continues to grow and calls to customer service has reduced as people find what they need on the new site.

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