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Paint a vivid vision: City of Vancouver

The Challenge: The City of Vancouver’s Facilities team had created its mission, vision and value statements. The senior team was excited and recognized that staff needed to align and engage with the vision if it was to be achieved.

The Strategy: We knew we had to paint the vision into a more vivid picture to inspire imagination and engagement, and to expand the values statements so that staff would be crystal clear as to what they meant. Working with a team of enthusiastic internal ambassadors, we workshopped the vision, building a picture that brought clarity to an otherwise broad statement.

We created a compelling story out of the vision, and also summarized it into a statement for easy referral. We expanded the values statements to be more engaging and ensured they were reflected in the vision story.

We provided a communications plan that guided how the vision and values could be communicated to employees.

The Results: The workshop session was inspiring for the attendees and our client was delighted with the direction it took. We don’t always have the luxury of seeing where these things go, but the client felt equipped with a solid starting point.

Tip: Nothing is more attractive than authenticity. Need help to engage people through communication?
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