Gaining staff commitment in a competitive climate:
Seacliff Construction

The Challenge: Seacliff Construction, one of the largest construction companies in Western Canada, was moving into a period of expansion. Retaining and attracting staff in a competitive industry was a key success factor.

The Strategy: It was our job, during this time of growth, to help ensure that staff were informed, felt included and therefore remain committed and productive. We created internal communications strategies for three major initiatives:

  1. Seacliff’s initial public offering
  2. Seacliff’s acquisition of two companies
  3. Finally, the acquisition of Seacliff itself by another major construction company, Churchill

We aimed to proactively provide staff with the context for each decision as it unfolded. We ensured we included the key messages that would keep them engaged. We worked with the senior leadership to ensure they were prepared for questions that might arise, and always involved managers ahead of staff, so they would be in an informed position to lead. We recommended avenues for communication, created scripts and announcements, and coached senior teams on communicating.

The Results: Because the communication was proactive and took any uncertainty off the table, it was business as usual for the company. Staff felt informed and involved.

As share prices grew and new projects emerged, Seacliff not only retained staff but added to its numbers.

Tip: Humility is an under-appreciated virtue. Want to communicate with employees but don’t know where to start or how?
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