Navigating change at BC Housing

The Challenge: BC Housing had plans to roll out several new IT systems over time. These changes would ultimately impact everyone in the organization, including their clients and vendors. The new systems would change the day-to-day work processes and even the way work flowed between departments and silos.

The Strategy: Our task was to provide guidelines for the communication of a large, enterprise-wide technology system. Communication in a major change of this nature is critical to a successful transition.

Our process included research with stakeholders and employees to determine the communication needs, timeframes, key messages and the appropriate communication vehicles. We provided a strategy blueprint for communicating the implementation of any new IT system. The strategy ensured communication was considered from the very early stages of the systems transition planning, to post implementation. This blueprint could be repurposed for future implementations.

The Results: For several years now, BC Housing has been using this strategic communications blueprint to guide their systems implementation communication. It not only ensures a solid framework, but saves them reinventing the wheel with each new implementation.

Above all, it ensures employees have the vital lifeline communication provides during a disruptive change.

Tip: Look at what you have not what you don’t have. Is your organization facing a major transition?
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