See Opticians Clearly: A Brand for Licensed Opticians

Update: Our work on this project has won a national award

The Challenge: Not only do consumers confuse Opticians with Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, but many perceive Opticians as frames salespeople and not the technically trained professionals they are.

The Strategy: We were engaged by the Opticians Council of Canada to create a national brand for the Opticianry profession. We believed it important to position Opticians on the spectrum of eye health care, and clarify their confused role and value for the public.

After extensive research, we placed Opticians uniquely on the eye health care spectrum as the professionals that ‘help you see better’. To reinforce that they are educated and regulated professionals that the public can trust with their vision safety, we positioned them as “Licensed” Opticians.

We created the tagline “Vision refined”, and worked with our partners, Bau+Wow who created a striking visual identity that reflects a contemporary, confident and intelligent profession.

To build ambassadorship and a common understanding of the brand, we created a brand story and introduced it to Opticians across Canada through a direct mail campaign, web and multimedia communications. The direct mail included a ‘Licensed Optician’ pin which they proudly wear in their stores.

We architected and designed a centralized website where Opticians from across the country could be educated about their brand, their role as brand ambassadors and where they can access in-store tools and other pertinent information (this is visible only to Opticians through a login). This same website serves to educate the public about the profession.

We also created a TV commercial for a national public awareness campaign.

The Results: The brand has given Opticians a common language and a shared point of pride, important for a profession that often feels like the underdog. One long-serving Optician said: “In all my years as an Optician I’ve struggled to explain what I do. Now I have the words.”

Many Opticians have taken up the brand promoting it at store level, websites, and business cards. The public awareness campaign is ongoing with public research planned to track the anticipated increase in public awareness.

Outsidein Communications brand for Licensed Opticians

Tip: Take your job seriously, but not yourself. Does your brand cause confusion?
“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” – Morris Chang If your profession needs a boost in how people perceive it, contact us. We can help.

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