A memorable brand for Facet Advisors LLP, Chartered Accountants

The Challenge: UHY-LDMB (talk about alphabet soup!) was an established, mid-sized accounting firm. They needed to stand out in a very crowded sector and wanted their rebranding to reflect their newly expanded service offerings.

The Strategy: As part of our rebranding strategy, we renamed them; “Facet Advisors.” Not only is this more memorable, but it reflects their diverse service offerings and allows them room to expand.

We defined their positioning and brand story, created a tagline and key messages which we applied to their website.

We worked with a creative partner to design a new visual identity, look and feel that reflected the newly defined brand, and we worked with our web partners to create a new website.

We created a brand launch strategy to ensure their employees and clients alike would understand and buy into the rationale for their new brand.

The Results: The rebrand was universally well received by both staff and clients. Facet Advisors now stands out from other accounting firms where alphabet soup is the naming strategy de jour, and many of their competitors and peers have been impressed by this bold move.

Analytics show positive uptake of the new website which we designed to attract repeat visits through meaningful content.

Outsidein Communications rebrand of Facet Advisors

Tip: Live by your values. Is your brand authentic?
“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.” – Stephen King Need help creating a brand or rationalizing your corporate and product brand hierarchy? Contact us. We can help.

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