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Managing Brand Fragmentation at AMSSA

The Challenge: AMSSA is a province-wide association representing agencies who serve immigrants and build culturally inclusive communities. They needed to re-vitalize their very dated brand and build awareness. Their brand was seriously fragmented as each of their many programs had its own brand name, look and feel.

To compound matters, there were no rules around brand management and so any ‘new initiative’ got its own brand. These sub-brands competed with the AMSSA brand and confused its role in the community.

The Strategy: We defined AMSSA’s brand around their core purpose and created a compelling story that unified all aspects of the organization as a cohesive whole.

We made a strong case for building brand equity to the “mother” brand (AMSSA). This meant programs and initiatives could no longer be independently branded. We also established guidelines to help staff understand the strategy and the need for a unified brand.

Most of the sub-brands were eliminated though of course, the programs themselves remained. Those programs for which it made sense to retain their own brand were re-designed to be consistent with AMSSA’s new look and feel.

The Results: AMSSA’s brand now reflects the forward thinking, cohesive organization it is. It has become easier to manage its programs and initiatives within a defined brand structure, as well as promote and build awareness for AMSSA.


Branding UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Challenge: The search for top tier faculty, leading researchers, top-notch students, as well as funding have become competitive on a local, national and international scale. To attract attention, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia, a relatively small faculty, needed to stand apart from the crowd.

The Strategy: We took a traditional marketing approach (untraditional for a university faculty) to define the client’s differentiating brand and take it to market.

Through research we uncovered and articulated a unique and powerful brand and positioned the faculty as a place of unlimited potential for discovery, learning, career choice and friendship. The brand we delivered was contemporary and progressive – just like they are.

The brand was applied to their new website and the faculty was equipped with a communications plan to launch and promote the brand.

The Results: The faculty had a cohesive framework within which to move their marketing and communications efforts forward. Their brand also reflected their vibrant personality which, typically, had previously been couched in academia. This makes them more attractive in a competitive market, and certainly differentiates them from any of their competitors.


Outsidein Communications brand for UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

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