Attracting the Right Employees to
Facet Advisors LLP, Chartered Accountants

The Challenge: In recent years, it’s become very tough for accounting firms to hire experienced accountants. Not only are they competing against the Big Four but since Sarbanes Oxley, many companies now employ their own accountants.

The Strategy: We needed to define the employer brand of this progressive accounting firm to differentiate them and highlight why accountants should choose them, as the place to work.

We surfaced the features of their company that would be most attractive to their target demographic and created compelling messaging that would resonate with those audiences. We created marketing materials and a strategy for attracting great people.

The Results: The employer brand messaging process helped Facet crystallize their core differentiators, as an employer. The communications materials paved the way for getting out there and raising awareness, netting the interest of good prospects.

Getting Buy-in on the Inside: Licensed Opticians

The Challenge: After creating a brand for the profession of Opticians the challenge was to align 6000+ Opticians dispersed countrywide with the brand and to get them to be great brand ambassadors. More….

Tip: Praise and recognition is a motivating force.. What’s your internal brand?
“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” -Stephen R. Covey Attract and retain the right people with a well defined and differentiated employer brand. Contact us. We can help.

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