A Collaborative Authority: BC Safety Authority

The Challenge: BCSA, a complex organization, was challenged with describing itself. They were also routinely confused with other organizations in BC’s safety system. In addition, its visual identity was both dated and limiting.

The Strategy: We started with research to help us deeply understand this organization and surfaced their true brand essence. This exercise reconciled their innately collaborative approach to being “an Authority.”

We defined the brand in a way that explained their complexity more simply, and created a compelling brand story that got to the heart of their reason for being. We created their tagline: Do it Right. Stay Safe. And we created other key brand messaging.

Working together with our partners, Bau+Wow we modernized their logo, look and feel.

We also created a brand strategy that provided direction for rolling out the brand internally and externally, and that will help them grow brand awareness over time. You can read more about how we created a new brand aligned website .

The Results: Clarifying BCSA’s brand essence finally put to rest endless internal discussion about “who we are,” and gave the organization the confidence to be itself. The brand story, told through an emotive video we created, was extremely well received by staff. The tagline instantly became their mantra and buy-in to the brand was universal. Over time, their communication has become more consistent and reflects their true strength.


Getting Buy-in on the Inside: Licensed Opticians

The Challenge: After creating a brand for the profession of Opticians  the challenge was to align 6000+ Opticians dispersed countrywide with the brand.

Brands are driven from the inside out so it was important Opticians engage with the brand by believing in it, representing it consistently and delivering the brand promise to the public.

The Strategy: We worked with the profession’s regulators, associations and educators to develop and execute an integrated brand strategy directed at aligning and engaging Opticians with their new brand.

We supported and guided the regulators and associations as to how to engage their members.

We created a program that introduced the brand to Opticians and initiated a longer-term engagement strategy. We launched the brand with a striking direct mail, web and multimedia campaign. The direct mail included a ‘Licensed Optician’ pin which they proudly wear in their stores.

To build support and a common understanding of the brand, we created a brand story that reflected the profession and its value and shared this with Opticians.

Together with our partners we architected and designed a centralized website where Opticians could be educated about the brand, their role as brand ambassadors, and where they can still access in-store tools and other pertinent information (this is visible only to Opticians through a login). This same website also serves to educate the public about the profession.

The Results: The brand has given Opticians a common language and serves as a point of pride. One long-serving Optician said: “In all my years as an Optician I’ve struggled to explain what I do. Now I have the words.”

Many Opticians have taken up the brand promoting it at store level, websites, business cards.


Recognize people doing things right. What’s your brand’s reputation?
“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” -Walter Landor We know brand inside out. Contact us and we’ll help tell the brand story that engages your audiences.

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