Effective websites are not “optional”– they’re essential. Your website represents your brand and your organization 24/7. To succeed it needs four key ingredients:

  • it must be built on a shared vision
  • it must focus on user needs
  • there must be an intuitive flow of information
  • content must be written for web reading style

A high-profile view into your organization
Your website speaks for you when you’re not there. Whether you like it or not, your website is a brand experience. Users come to a website with a purpose, and if they can’t find what they need, they leave.

It’s all about the user
By what you, say and how users find information says everything about you and the value you place on your primary audiences. As one of your organization’s most important communication vehicles your website must cater to user needs first with your organizational needs a very close second.

Bring in the experts
We do. Sure we have the expertise to help you develop a web vision and overall strategy, information architecture and web-style content, but we know our limits so we work closely with web development experts.

Our web communications work
BC Safety Authority needed to complete overhaul of its website which was outdated, content heavy and not delivering what clients needed. We helped them create a long-term strategy and built a new website that included a client-focused architecture which increased traffic significantly. More…

Web Communication Services–

  • Website audits
  • Website vision and strategy
  • Information Architecture (navigation and information flow)
  • Website governance policy
  • Content strategy
  • Writing content in web reading style
  • Web-writing training course
  • Technical assessment, website build and programming, SEO strategies (through our partners)

If you don’t see the service you need, just ask us.

Tip: Saying thank you is powerful. Saying sorry is liberating. Is your website dated and in need of a long-term strategy?
“If it is something important, get a colleague to improve it.” –David Ogilvy Contact Us – We’d love to get you back in touch with your users.

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