Branding is not just for products and organizations. Professional associations are seeing the value in branding the professions they support to shift perceptions, raise awareness, and help people understand the full value of the profession.

Branding helps confusion
Some professions are either confused with related professions (such as an Optician and an Optometrist) or under-recognized – like pharmacists, for example.

How profession brands work
It takes a carefully and clearly defined brand that is well-understood and overwhelmingly supported by the professionals it represents. It also requires a commitment to promoting the brand to influence understanding and appreciation of the profession. And it takes time.

Branding builds pride
People in under-recognized professions often feel undervalued. Rival professions can capitalize on this weakness. A strong professional brand can create a deep sense of pride and support as audiences begin to better recognize the profession’s worth.

Our profession brand work
When the Opticians Council of Canada approached us about the confusion the public had about their profession, we quickly learned it wasn’t the only problem. After creating a brand for the profession of Licensed Opticians, it lifted the morale of the Opticians themselves. More…

Profession brand services
For your audiences to understand and appreciate your profession, we can help you define and communicate a brand that helps you stand out, is easy to understand, and that builds trust and recognition. Learn more about our services

Tip: Take your job seriously, but not yourself. Does your brand cause confusion?
“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” – Morris Chang If your profession needs a boost in how people perceive it, contact us. We can help.

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