Branding helps explain and differentiate products and services. In this age of the internet, it’s becoming increasingly tough to achieve the latter, but it’s what you must do to create value and build loyalty.
Brands need to cut through the clutter to get attention, and they must resonate to sustain that attention.

People are brand savvy
Brands must be real – authentic. A product’s usability and quality, availability and recyclability are all important components for product brands just as ethics, values, knowledge and skill are important components for services. Brands are a lot deeper than they used to be.

To sub-brand or not to sub-brand
We’d like to say of sub-branding: proceed with caution. Sub-brands can either cause brand fragmentation and confusion or they can be a helpful, clarifying brand structure. Sub-branding is a careful balancing act that needs a strategic, thoughtful approach.

Our service brand work
A professional firm who provides exemplary service was ready to rebrand as it expanded its service offerings to its clients. More…

Product and Service brand services
If you need to define, communicate or strategize the brand for a product/service family, you should talk to us. Learn more about our services

Tip: Live by your values. Is your brand authentic?
“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.” – Stephen King Need help creating a brand or rationalizing your corporate and product brand hierarchy?  Contact us. We can help.

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