Place branding is rapidly gaining momentum. Shopping districts, municipalities, cities and destinations such as museums, are focusing on brand to highlight their attractiveness and competitiveness.

If you brand it right, they will come
Like any brand, a place brand has to make a connection with your target audience. It has to differentiate you from other places, tell a compelling brand story that draws people to check you out and tell their friends.

Place brands have to be authentic
All brands make a promise – directly or implied. What’s important is delivering on the brand promise so that the experience of that place lives up to expectations – even exceeds them.

They’ll tell others
If your location delivers on its brand promise, every visitor becomes an ambassador for your brand. This type of third-party endorsement strengthens the power of your place brand in a way that can’t be matched by paid advertising.

Our place brand work
One of the goals for rebranding MOA (Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology) was to increase the number of visitors. With the resonant and attractive brand we created for them, the number of visitors increased significantly within just a few months. More…

Place brand services
If you need to influence how people think of your destination, we can help you define, and communicate a compelling brand. Learn more about our services.

Tip: Food from farmers markets just tastes better. Try it. How does your brand draw people in?
“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” -George Bernard Shaw Need to increase traffic and investment for your destination? Contact us. Our place branding process can help.

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