When considering their corporate brand most organizations do so in light of their external audiences. However, employees are a primary audience of any brand – but often overlooked as such.

What is now known as the “employer brand” is really the reflection of the corporate brand on the inside. This ‘internal brand’ should reflect what you’re like as a place to work. It speaks to employees on the inside, and prospective employees on the outside.

It’s all about the internal brand experience
Brands are driven from the inside out. When employees are having a good experience they’re likely to deliver a good client experience or product, and talk you up as an employer to friends and peers.

A lot contributes to the internal brand experience – culture, how you live your values, natural alignment with the corporate brand, wages and benefits, a sense of contribution and meaning, reward and recognition, leadership, opportunity, communication, and more.

Brand is what attracts and keeps the right people
When your employer brand is well-understood and articulated, you can use it more purposefully to attract – and keep – the right people.

The brand’s got to be real
Your employer brand has to be authentic. Employees (and their friends, networks and therefore potential employees) will easily tell a squirrel from a rat.

Our employer brand work
When an accounting client was hard pressed to attract the right people during the recent hiring crunch, we helped them frame their employer brand messages to show how desirable they were as a place to work. More…

We’ve also helped organizations align their internal audience with their brand by way of engaging and re-inspiring them, and getting them to consciously be good brand ambassadors. More…

Employer brand services
If you need to understand, define, communicate your employer brand we can help. Learn more about our services

Tip: Praise and recognition is a motivating force. What’s your internal brand?
“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” -Stephen R. Covey Attract and retain the right people with a well defined and differentiated employer brand. Contact us. We can help.

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