Your “corporate brand” is the overarching organization brand – and you have one, whether you’ve consciously created it or not. It should resonate with all your key audiences – clients and employees (both existing and potential), investors and stakeholders.

Brand is who you are
Your corporate brand says who you are, what you stand for, why you’re different and why people should care to interact with you. It implies a promise − one that should be delivered every time at every interaction.

Brand is an experience
How clients, vendors, partners and stakeholders experience your brand impacts perceptions, loyalty and long-term success.

Brand starts on the inside
Brands are driven from the inside out so the internal brand – that’s the extent to which employees experience your brand themselves and align with it, determines the extent to which they deliver your brand externally.

Brand is a reputation
People talk. And they talk more freely when an experience is negative. But they also talk freely when the experience is stellar – above and beyond what they expected. That’s brand, and these people are your brand ambassadors (for better or worse).

You can influence brand perception
We can’t always control what people think but when you deeply understand what your brand is and articulate it with the right words you can influence what people think of you. Through your actions, policies, communications and website usability, you can influence how people experience your brand.

Our corporate brand work
Facet Advisors, an accounting firm, rebranded to reflect its innovation and diversity, and yes, personality. More…

We’ve also helped organizations align their internal audience with their brand by way of engaging and re-inspiring them, and aligning them with the brand. More…

Tip: Recognize people doing things right. What’s your brand’s reputation?
“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” -Walter Landor We know brand inside out. Contact us and we’ll help tell the brand story that engages your audiences.

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