“A brand is the shortcut the brain uses for quick recognition and retrieval” (Terry O’Reilly).

Every organization has a brand, whether it’s been created intentionally or not. Brands are powerful tools that influence perception, experience, motivation to act and loyalty. Knowing what your brand is and represents positions you to use it more strategically and intentionally.

Our take
Think a brand is a logo? Think again. Your logo, look and feel are just the clothes…the brand is the body (we’re not downplaying the importance of clothes though! They are important!)

Your brand is everything you say and do
Your brand is how people inside and outside your organization think about and experience you through everything you say and do; how you say and do it; product/service quality; how you look, and even the website experience. Brands are driven from the inside out.

Brands need attention from the top
Brand is an executive-level concern. Why? Because your brand is a strategic asset that when used purposefully is a powerful contributor to your organization’s success. But who else should care? Well, Marketing, Sales and Client Service, HR, and Product Management are important players. But ultimately, everyone in the organization is responsible for maintaining and delivering your brand. You brand should live in your cultural fiber.

Corporate brand
Product or service brand
Employer brand
Place brand
Profession brand
Regulator brand

Some of our branding services
If you don’t see what you need in this list, ask us! :

  • Brand audit
  • Brand discovery to uncover the essence of your brand
  • Brand definition
  • Brand differentiation, positioning and messaging
  • Brand communication strategy and implementation
  • Brand and sub-brand strategy
  • Brand aligning the corporate culture
  • Employer Value Proposition and messaging
  • Client Value Proposition and messaging
  • Website brand experience
  • Brand ambassador programs
  • Internal brand buy-in research and strategy
  • Brand launches
  • Visual brand: logo, look and feel – We work on this with our creative partners

Tip: Eat your vegetables. What’s your brand story?
“Trying to be cool can be harmful to your brand” –Mike Woroniak For an impactful, strategic brand contact us. We’d love to make it happen for you.

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