Write to be Read

Good writing influences what’s read. And what’s read influences decisions and actions and how people think.

Writing is one of the primary ways organizations communicate day-to-day.

Reading patterns require us to change how we write

  1. Only about 20% of what’s written is read.
  2. Thanks to technology we don’t read. We skim.

Short course, big impact

Only a few people are “born writers” but good writing skills are easily learned.

This half-day course teaches ways to ensure your writing is read, understood, and acted on.

We run it in-house at your place.

What you get out of the course

You will learn to write so that

  • The most important 20% of your content is read, understood and internalized so the right actions and decisions can be taken
  • The reader is drawn to read more than 20%

Your writing will improve right away

The course is engaging, relevant and useful  with lots of before & after examples, tips and best practices.

Lots of in-class exercises will give you lots of practice. You can do the exercises using your own writing.

What the course covers

  • What is readable writing?
  • The impact of technology on reading and writing
  • Different reading styles
  • How to write to ensure important content is read
  • Using tone and plain language
  • Leveraging layout and structure
  • New rules for paragraphs
  • Headings and email subject lines
  • How to write good summaries
  • Using email efficiently and effectively

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone who needs to get their message across and wants their writing to be read, understood, and engaging.
  • People who are proficient in English as grammar is not covered.
  • People who can bring a laptop to class.

We can adapt the workshop to specific needs where appropriate, though additional charges apply.


The course is 4 hours.


$2200 excluding GST.


Tip: Try something new today. Want to engage us run a workshop?
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