We’re a brand and communications company

That’s it in a nutshell. We help you connect with and engage the people most important to you: through your brand and everything you say and do. We love complexity and are good problem-solvers as our track record with great clients and recognition from peers show.

We wield a powerful tool: Communication
Communication jazzes us. It’s really the only tool you have to engage, connect, inspire, attract and keep people loyal. We help you do this strategically with effective messaging that resonates and demands action.

Brand is the way you communicate – in everything you do and say – who you are, what you stand for and why you’re different. Your brand is often a more powerful way of communicating than the words you choose.

Outside and inside
Just as our name says, we bring clarity and focus to the message to people outside and inside the organization.

We also bring the outside perspective to your brand or communication challenge. We know this is valuable because when we defined our own brand and put this website together, we were too emotionally attached, too close to see the wood for the trees so we leaned on some outside help from great professionals, too.

We’re anything but shallow
We delve deep to uncover the essence of a brand, the core of the message or the heart of the problem. We have frank conversations with all the important audiences so we find the nuggets that make you shine. We don’t shy away from tough feedback if we think it’s going to help. And we’re really good at connecting dots to get you the most out of your investment in us. If you’re just looking for a Band-Aid fix, we’re probably not right for you, but if you want to get it right from the ground up, we’d love to hear from you.

How we got here
Communications enthusiasts, Catherine Ducharme and Sharon Habib founded Outsidein in 2007. We both have more years of experience than we’d care to admit but on the bright side, our clients score from our extensive experience.

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